Harmonique Gruve Blazt!

Whipping up a sort of Mutant-PsyDM, a psycho-acoustically space altering sound experience, born out of post-industrial groove and glitch, sonic noize textures and progressive sound design; enveloping you both in the personal listen as well as on the dance floor.

Designed to explore the many colors of live electronics and experimental dance music, SF reveals those influences in a musical collage of intelligent yet psychodelic, a driving yet cavernous array of fully composed all original beats and music. Here we recede the tides to reveal treasures of the inner ear, new sounds and styles, exploratory beat composition and sound designs.


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glitch hop Psy-DM politikil groove

Synchronicity Frequency Live at Phreak - 2-16-11


Live and raw, recorded at the first installment of Phreak, a new monthly at Lovecraft in Portland, Or.


Music for Tribal Fusion Bellydance by Nagasita and Wanderlust Circus

Sensory Journey

Operafied Mix

This track featured on a suspension DVD released out of Helsinki. Track to accompany opera/suspension troupe, Operafication. Released overseas, soon to have international distribution, more soon!